21:00 TONIGHT in Cinema History, a three hour poetic realism masterpiece Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise), written by the one and only Jacques Prevert and directed by Marcel Carné! Another example of the magical collaborations of Prévert and Carné, the film portrays a bohemian theatre on the Boulevard of Crime, in the 19th century Paris where Baptiste, a pantomime artist is struggling with his passion for Garance, who happens to have three other men in quest for her attention as well.

Filmed during Nazi occupation of Paris in 1945, many of the 1,800 extras were Resistance agents using the film as daytime cover, who, until the Liberation, had to mingle with some collaborators or Vichy sympathisers who were imposed on the production by the authorities. More information in Wikipedia.

French critics have voted this film as the greatest French film of all times.