21:00 Tonight after life drawing class, the masterpiece La Vie de Boheme (Bohemian life) by Aki Kaurismäki! Based on the book of Henri Murger, the film portrays the friendship of three penniless artists, last of the bohemians, a painter, a composer and a writer whose paths cross in Paris. In this case set in modern Paris of the 90’s, where bohemians were long gone dead and consumerism was already triumphing, Kaurismäki created the Paris of the past.

It is a journey to this forgotten land where sensibility and dignity where cornerstones of being a human and true friendship was manifested in every day actions of solidarity. A land where it took inherent guts and Style to maintain one’s dignity.

“The shot [in the 1956 film Written on the Wind] with Dorothy Malone walking down the stairs makes all rock videos ever after resemble forgotten, anemic nuns.” – Aki Kaurismäki