The Kammari-project, which also coordinates Kammari Limassol is run by the Kammari Research Group and a growing collective of artists and researchers.

The current research project started in 2018 and is called Technology as Ideology. More information in the Current research projects -page.

The people coordinating and working in Kammari Limassol are:

Sakari is a researcher and multi-disciplinary artist from Helsinki, concentrated in cinema and music. He is the main coordinator of Kammari Limassol and the Kammari Residency in Treis Elies. He also runs Lumimaa video and film productions. Email: sakari (at) or +357 977 128 58

Mariandri is an artist from Limassol, who works with media art, installation and painting. She has her studio in Kammari Limassol.

Niklas is a doctoral candidate of philosophy in the University of Helsinki as well as an active researcher and writer. He is also a coordinator in the Kammari research project. Email: niklas (at)

Lau is a dancer and performance artist. Lau’s praxis includes improvisation, dialogue, fantasies and disobedient strategies. Currently Lau lives in Vienna. She is coordinating Kammari’s international projects. Email: lau (at), or:

More information in general: kammari (at)

Website of the Kammari project: